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Nordic air filtration provides efficient air filtration solutions and related services for the gas turbine industry. Gas turbine air filtration systems for offshore applications. A complete range of gas turbine air intake filter media to meet the specific market needs in various operational environments. For the installation of gas turbines in the two locations, an inlet air precooling system will be necessary to bring the air condition close to isa before compression. Whatever your gas turbine, its operating mode site air conditions and maintenance intervals, we can provide the best air filter for the job at hand. Gas turbine components sgt400 siemens turbomachinery. Older systems did not have this type of filters available. Gas turbine air filter system optimization power engineering. Inlet air quality is a makeorbreak factor for gas turbine performance. North filtration as will provide you with up to date data and technical support along with any required documentation of our filters. If submicron particles, liquids and dissolved contaminants like air and waterborne salt arent captured by filters, they can enter the engine resulting in compressor fouling and more severe problems like blocked cooling passages, blade erosion and hot gas corrosion. The most commonly used media for gas turbine air inlet filters are cellulose, microfibers, and nanofibers.

Multiple compressors, turbines and combustors can be used in various arrangements figure 41. Model fuel shp kws btuhphrkjkwhr lbs kgs deg f deg c. Due to these reasons, choosing the inlet filtration system is crucial point of the gas turbine design. New filtration technologies from parker have been proven to reduce compressor degradation and improve turbine output, availability and reliability in effect gaining power from the turbine for no extra cost. On gas turbine performance with pulse jet for air filters.

Ge marine engine, installation design manual, mididm250018. Air intake filters for industrial gas turbines reliability and efficiency are vital prerequisites to the financial success of turbine operations. Gas turbine air filter turbo machinery britomatics. It is essential that the filter system purifies the incoming air effectively, because even small concentrations of contaminants can result in compressor fouling, leading to significant power output loss over the year. The standard finish is inorganic zinc primer with a high build epoxy intermediate. Gas turbines are made up of three major components. Gas turbine air filters fleetlife has been a trusted supplier for the gas turbine industry for over 30 years. Gradual performance degradation can be offset by compressor washing, but the frequency and effectiveness of this washing can be linked to the performance of the combustion air filter. For example, a 30,000 hp class industrial gas turbine ingests 250 tons of air per hour, equivalent to over 3000 m 3min. Our gas turbine filter cartridges are installed on ge, siemens, alstom, turbomach, solar and many other gas turbines around the world.

These issues if not addressed will result in a shorter operational life and reduced performance of the gas turbine. The filtration system protects the gas turbine from harmful debris in the ambient air, which can lead to. In gas fired power stations, huge quantities of ambient air pass through the intake air filter before being used in the combustion process. Gas turbine systems donaldson filtration solutions. Several of these requirements are managed by appropriate air filtration brekke et al, 2009, vigeland, 2005.

Turbine air filtration market size, trends, forecast. Combining the ability to combat moisture, pressure surges, heavy vibrations, while maintaining superior dust collection. Ge aeroderivative gas turbines design and operating features ge power systems ger3695e 2 ge industrial aeroderivative gas turbine performance characteristics mechanical drive gas turbine ratings output heat rate exhaust flow exhaust temp. Nordic air filtration provides high technology gas turbine air inlet filtration solutions for all operating environments throughout the world. The improper functioning of the inlet filtration can lead to erosion, corrosion and fouling. Gas turbine components sgt400 siemens free download as powerpoint presentation. Worldwide filters for gas turbines product brochure sturbine filters. The industrial gas turbine models with their compact and rugged design make them an ideal choice for both industrial power generation and mechanical drive applications. Inlet air filtration systems are essential on any gas turbine. Gas turbine filter cross reference nederman mikropul.

Substandard inlet air systems can negatively affect operations, performance and lifespan of the gas turbine. Volz filters damage volz filters will provide the correct selection of filtration products to meet specific requirements of manufacturers for their turbomachinery equipment. They are proven with more than 2,250 units sold at small utilities, independent power producers, and in the oil and gas industry. Lm6000 gas turbine filter system optimization duration. What you need to know about gas turbine filter materials. Gas turbine air filters gas turbine air intake filters f9. Pdf inlet filtration for industrial gas turbines researchgate. Gas turbine air intake filter media solutions full range of technologies and benefits ahlstrom is a single source provider of filter media solutions for both static and pulsejet gas turbine air intake applications. Our comprehensive technical capabilities, unrivaled operations and maintenance support, and extensive global network help optimize system performance and reduce total cost of ownership in ways no. Gas turbine pre filters are designed to protect gas turbines against foreign particles in the air offering a stable low pressure drop and longer life. High level of hydrophobicity across the portfolio preventing liquid water ingress through the filters and extending lifetime in humid environmental conditions.

The filtration system protects the gas turbine from harmful debris in the. An inlet air filtration system is essential for the successful operation of a gas turbine. Gas turbine replacement air filters manufactured by. Marine filter systems air filtration for marine and naval installations. Their high steamraising capabilities help achieve overall plant efficiency of 80 percent or higher. The filtration system protects the gas turbine from harmful debris in the ambient air, which can lead to issues such as fod, erosion, fouling, and corrosion. Inlet filtration systems play the key role in the quality of the air entering the gas turbine. Erosion is mainly caused to relatively coarse particles above 5 m in size. High efficiency air filtration is a key factor in achieving costeffective operation of industrial rotating equipment, such as gas turbines and centrifugal compressors. Parker develops and produces high quality gas turbine air inlet filters and systems that provide superior performance in a wide range of environmental conditions for applications including energy and electric utilities, oil and gas and ship propulsion. Gas turbine prefilters are designed to protect gas turbines against foreign particles in the air offering a stable low pressure drop and longer life. Air inlet filter gas turbine filters gas turbine air. Gas turbine air intake filter designermanufacturerexportersupplier gas turbine air intake filter cartridges are modern and reliable for air intake applications.

We are designing and developing wide range of air filteration system, inlet air filters for gas turbine and turbo machinery the main features of these air. Gas turbine air intake optimization service engie laborelec. Hepner filters air intake filtration systems for gas. F9 h10 h11 h12 h h14 gas turbine air filters replancement with donaldson camfil aaf gas turbine air intake filters coralfly your best choise. Inspectors guidance manual stationary gas turbines. Modern gas turbines ftechnology and higher are very sensitive to the inlet air contamination that increases requirements to inlet air cleanness. North filtration as as a turbine air filter cartridge supplier, you are guaranteed the services of a manufacturer, with more than 40 years experience. The present paper deals with the performance analysis of gas turbines with online pulse jet system for air filter cleaning.

Experience in the operation of air filters in gas turbine. Hence, the booming gas turbine industry is expected to boost the demand for the air filtration systems during the forecast period. Intake of particulateladen air into a gas turbine causes fluctuations in power output, resulting in headaches for power plant operators. Erosion is mainly caused to relatively coarse particles above. Selling globally around 30 countries under pnc band name, our. Our heavy duty gas turbine filters, elements and prefilters are available in all styles and sizes for both reversepulse huff and puff and barrier filtration systems. Gas turbine power generation has evolved to be one of the most viable and environmentalfriendly methods of power production. The location of offshore platforms poses another air filtration challenge. In order to evaluate the engine performance before, during and after the cleaning procedure, a mathematical model of ge ms6001fa gas turbine has been implemented using gatecycle software. Raising air filtration to a new level of excellence, we thrive to set the standards of the filter industrys major trade groups and organizations. Test facility for air intake filter systems for gas turbines. Performance modeling of industrial gas turbines with inlet. And the prime function of an inlet filter system is to protect the gas turbine from.

Pdf the inlet air filtration has a significant role in eliminating the dirty air and moisture and other tiny particles. This selection will prevent the operator to be faced with damage such as erosion, fouling or. High energy cost and demand worldwide have increased the focus on energy efficiency in many industries and market sectors. The test rig has been calibrated according to standards en 779 and ashrae 52.

Hence, the efficiency and output up gradation of gas turbines should be ensured by availability of proper inlet filtration. Gas turbine filter performance is defined in ashrae and en specifications table 1. With the evolution of turbine technology and increasing demand for higher turbine efficiency and sensitivity, it is even more vital now to maintain blade integrity. User benefits the prime function of the inlet filter system is to protect the gas turbine from pollutants in the inlet air.

We supply filter cartridges, panel filters and prefilters with highquality filter media for all operating environments, including desert, offshore, coastal, arctic, tropical and urban environments. Donaldson is a leading supplier of engineered air intake systems for gas turbines and industrial compressors, for both new and retrofit applications. This can result in filters operating with high pressure loss, needing constant and high levels of maintenance or, in extreme cases, allowing. The tutorial will discuss the physical principles of these air filtration concepts. Three pillars of gas turbine filtration filtration needs are largely driven by local air quality, but nearly every operator needs to evaluate three performance factors. Koch filter manufactures a wide range of filters for gas turbine air intakes of all sizes and types. Guideline for gas turbine inlet air filtration systems. Cellulose media is the most economical, but has the lowest filtration efficiency. How can i design or select an air filter for gas turbine. Hepa high efficiency particulate arrestance filters are becoming the first choice for increasing number of gas turbines operators.

Gas turbine operators need all air entering the gas turbine to be as clean as possible to ensure. Shipping a new set of filters to the middle of the ocean is an expensive business, and this is further compounded by the downtime required to change the filters. Salt percolation through gas turbine air filtration systems and its contribution to total contaminant level. A broken filter can cause massive damage to the compressor blades if ingested by a gas turbine. It is made of natural fibers plantbased, which are coarse and nonuniform. Particles entering the gas turbine can cause erosion or fouling of the turbine internals. Camgt gas turbine filters for premium engine protection camfil. Turbine air inlet filtration systems operating in very dusty environments can be overwhelmed by the high levels of contaminants. In the simple cycle gas turbine, air enters the compressor and is compressed. Explore the impacts that small gains in efficiency have on. The paper discusses the issues of filtration efficiency, dust holding capacity, as well as the capability to prevent water from entering the gas turbine. Proper air filtration is critical to the overall performance and reliability of gas turbines. Air inlet filtration systems are used to protect the gas turbine against fouling, erosion, corrosion and foreign object damage.

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