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Some time ago, i discussed a rather sober assessment of south sudans economy. This report is part of a series examining the risks of instability in 10 african. Fao information products are available on the fao website. The country hosts an estimated 763 thousand south sudanese refugees and 159 thousand refugees and asylum seekers from eritrea, syria, yemen, and chad.

Sudan has not had a comprehensive census since 1983. The worlds largest exporter of gum arabic, sudan produces 7580% of the worlds total output. Project for good governance in the republic of south sudan. Who country health profile of sudan provides key statistics, information, news, features and journal articles on the country s public health issues and services. The capital city is planned to be changed to the more centrally located ramciel in the future. We stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect. Conflict in south sudan and the challenges ahead congressional research service 1 background south sudan emerged in 2011 as the worlds newest country, and one of its least developed. The purpose of the assessment is to assess the public finance management pfm system performance of the. The minister of investment presented his ministrys plans for 2017 to the parliament last week. A history of modern sudan sudans modern history has been consumed by revolution and civil war.

Maternal mortality ratio deaths per 100,000 live births n. Secession affects sudans macroeconomic stability negotiations on postcpa arrangements are not yet concluded and sudan starts to feel the impact of the protracted negotiations with the south on oil revenue. Sudan, oil, and human rights defending human rights. Adam elhag ahmed the world food programme wfp has organized a food aid forum from 68 june 2006 in khartoum, as part of an ongoing process to develop the longerterm strategy of wfp in sudan. The main author of the south sudan country profile was dr. Human rights watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. Madagascar has a bicameral parliament consisting of the senate senat with 33 seats and the national assembly assemblee nationale with 127 seats.

Teital oil mil is the largest oil company in sudan. Migration in sudan migration in sudan iom publications. Sudan was subject to comprehensive us sanctions, which were lifted in october 2017. Imf united sudanese and south sudanese communities. Public accountability absent from new sudan and south. Sudan s constitution of 2005 subsequently amended historical. The minister of information assures the press that the president still trusts them. The potentialities of those water resources are summarized follows. From fragility at independence to a crisis of sovereignty, march. Sudan 2 the novatech 2007 regional investment conference in nairobi, kenya is a component of the proinvest programme which is a common initiative of the european commission ec and institutions from the acp states africa, the caribbean and the pacific. Sudans constitution of 2005 subsequently amended historical.

Although most of the oil production capacity in those two countries is in south sudan, the country is landlocked and. It appeared that sudan would be able to continue fighting and that south sudan would be unable to do so. Participant profile directory this is a directory of individuals who registered for the somali renewable energy forum 2016 and completed a profile to be included in this directory as of february 10, 2016. Although most of the oil production capacity in those two countries is in south sudan, the country is landlocked and remains dependent on sudans export pipelines and port.

Country director dkt international sudan job description dkt international seeks a country director for dkts operations in sudan. Sudan country economic brief december 2011 the world bank. After the peace agreement, their place was taken in february 2004 after the merger of the larger hausa and beja congress with the smaller. Stella dawson, corruption is leading indicator for political unrest, study finds. Country report on darfur, which in turn was an update of austrian centre for. Key characteristics of the economy south sudans dependence on subsistence agriculture and food aid indicates that the countrys present economic state is extremely poor. The president is elected by majority vote through a tworound system to serve a 5year term. Making it a benefit for all executive summary executive summary oil production is the key factor in the development of south sudan, since july 2011 the worlds newest independent country. South sudan governance analysis world bank documents. The eac, a regional intergovernmental organisation comprising burundi, kenya, rwanda, tanzania, uganda and south sudan, is said to be drafting amendments to its thusfar essentially dormant regional fair competition act dating back to 2006, eac competition act 2006, 49 sections to address antitrust concerns in the. Sudans dialogue members agree on national document. Sudan officially the republic of the sudan is a country in northeast africa. In a worstcase scenario, it is pos sible to see the north becoming a failed. Deputy chiefs of staff as well as several high profile officers formally in the south sudan defence forces ssdf.

The country profile on south sudan was prepared under the overall coordination and substantive guidance of deputy executive secretary for knowledge delivery of eca, giovanie biha. The opposition groups allied under the sudan appeal reject the outcomes and insist on holding a preparatory meeting with the government abroad. Sep 09, 2019 sudan, once the largest and one of the most geographically diverse states in africa, split into two countries in july 2011 after the people of the south voted for independence. After almost 40 years of war between the sudan government and southern insurgents, southern sudanese voted in a january 2011 referendum to secede from sudan. Iclg merger control laws and regulations covers common issues in merger control laws and regulations including relevant authorities and legislation, notification and its impact on the transaction timetable, remedies, appeals and enforcement and substantive assessment in 55 jurisdictions. The republic of sudan has the republic of sudan has a landmass of some 2,505,8 sq km 967,500 sq miles, with the nile waters entering sudan just south of juba, flowing 3,000 km. January 2012 country summary sudan north south sudan seceded from sudan on july 9 under the terms of the 2005 comprehensive peace agreement cpa that ended sudans 22year civil war. Sudan republic of sudan africa see prayer information geography. The formula for calculating the share of each country is then the following. Sudan country economic brief december 2011 the world bank africa region i. Prevalence of female genital mutilationcutting among girls and women % of girls and young women ages 1549 n. The columns are ordered by the absolute number of dalys in sudan for that particular year, with greatest burden on the left.

Sudan is attempting to develop nonoil sources of revenues, such as gold mining and agriculture, while carrying out an austerity program to reduce expenditures. Spla transformation in 200610 and beyond is the 23rd working paper from the small arms surveys sudan hsba. However, a new assessment by the international monetary fund imf offers a new perspective. Sudan geography, climate and population sudan is the largest country in africa and has a special geopolitical location bonding the arab world to africa south of the sahara. Sudan is arid to semiarid country with an average annual rainfall of 350 mmy. It is a landlocked country bordered by sudan in the north, ethiopia and kenya in the east, uganda and the democratic. The most recent survey occurred in 1993, which produced a population figure of 24. Sudan country profile march 2004 employment of people with disabilities. On sunday, the members of sudans national dialogue conference passed the national document that will form the basis for the countrys permanent constitution. Sudan, once the largest and one of the most geographically diverse states in africa, split into two countries in july 2011 after the people of the south voted for. The opposition groups allied under the sudan appeal reject the outcomes and insist on holding a. Conflict analysis and options for systemic conflict. Returning sudan s stolen children bbc news march 23, 2005 darfurs hunger set to continue bbc news march 11, 2005 want, violence and death steal childhood in sudan the new york times august 15, 2004. In his key note remarks at the opening session on 25 july 2017 in khartoum, abdul kamara, manager of afdbs sudan country office said that the objective of.

Africa sudan the world factbook central intelligence. Mines and commerce, trade and supply have recently been merged into one ministry. Key characteristics of the economy south sudan s dependence on subsistence agriculture and food aid indicates that the country s present economic state is extremely poor. South sudan country profile updated august 2016 key mixed migration characteristics south sudan is a major refugee producing country and ranks among the countries. Overview south sudan gained independence from sudan in july 2011. Democratic republic of congo country profile passop. The lack of basic infrastructure, educated and skilled. The successful candidate will further develop and manage reproductive healthfamily planning programs for its north sudan program. This information is subject to change and should, in each case, be independently. This country of origin information report contains the most.

Staffmonitored program for 200910, imf country report no. Country profile includes updated information as available. Protestors describe torture by security officers human rights watch march 4, 2011. Ppc country report southern sudan clingendael institute. Sudan has 4,725 kilometers of narrowguage, singletrack railroads that serve the northern and central portions of the country. Desert in the north, merging into grasslands and mountains in the centre and tropical bush in the south. Public accountability absent from new sudan and south sudan. The impact of legislation east africa prepared by the ilo infocus programme on skills, knowledge and employability in the framework of a project funded by development cooperation ireland dci international labour office geneva international labour office. Sudan businesses for sale and investment opportunities. The average lifespan in sudan during the gaslight period was 33, which is similar to modern times. Democratic republic of congo country profile author. Sudans dialogue members agree on national document radio. Enhancing the agriculture and livestock based livelihood situation of the most vulnerable households from the idps, returnees and host communities. The available water resources in the country are river nile, seasonal streams and groundwater.

According to a 20 unicef report, 88% of women in sudan had undergone. It has the ability of pressing 750 tons per day plus storge tanks for 6000 ton. Sudan and southern sudan and then merged and elaborated centrally in khartoum. Sudan has a population of 40 million people in 2015 est. The recent peace accord between the warring parties brokered by sudan and ethiopia appears to be holding, but the war damaged oil infrastructure, further eroding revenue availability to sudan. Merger control 2020 laws and regulations sudan iclg. Jumhuriyyat assudan, is a country in northeast africa.

In a collaborative initiative, the african development bank afdb and the food and agriculture organisation fao have joined efforts to operationalize the desert to power initiative in eleven countries including sudan. Sudan, south sudan to jointly repair oil infrastructure. Water resources quantity of water available annually in billion m3 nile sudan share 20. Links to the best web sites for virtually every country in the world. Ministry of water resources and electricity, resulting from the merge in 2012 of the. Child mortality at double emergency threshold in south sudan refugee camp guardian august 20, 2012 michael david, my duty was cleaning guns and shining boots irin news june 23, 2011 south sudan training darfur rebels bbc news march 30, 2011 sudan. Yet in the past, oil production was linked with serious human rights abuses, such as forced displacement. Library of congress federal research division country profile. More than three million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict began in december 20, including nearly 1. This migration country profile has been made possible through the contribution of ioms. This report demonstrates that the sudanese regime has perpetuated a system of violent.

Once the trademark matures to registration, the trademark office requests that applicants provide a letter attesting that the company did not change its address nor sold the mark, said letter should be printed on the applicants letterhead. Sudan is the largest country in africa and also one of the most inhospitable. Asha rahim, associate professor university of juba. Economist intelligence unit, sudan country profile 2009 london. These three factors combine to create a difficult environment for idps. The main line runs from wadi halfa on the egyptian border to khartoum and southwest to al ubayyid via sannar and kusti, with extensions to nyala in southern darfur and waw in bahr al ghazal. Environment statistics country snapshot land and agriculture year agricultural land sq km 1 086 788. Bordered by egypt to the north, libya to the northwest, chad to the west, the central african republic to the southwest, south sudan to the south, ethiopia to the southeast, eritrea to. Sudan and south sudan have agreed to jointly repair oil infrastructure that was damaged during the bloody civil war that resulted in the split in 2011. South sudan has an area of about 644 330 km2 the exact area still needs to be confirmed, representing around 30 percent of pre2011 sudan. In support of the forum, a series of expert opinion papers have been.

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